The Necessary Clutch Wallet


I made this wallet/clutch from a pattern by Janelle MacKay from Emmaline Bags.  I love this Necessary Clutch Purse pattern.  I love it so much I am on my 3rd wallet.  


The first was made from cotton fabric:

The second was a mixture of denim and cotton

This one is made from Brocade.  I am not quite finished with it so I am only showing you the back of the wallet. I apologize for the picture quality, I took this one with my cell.  My light box should be ready this weekend so the picture quality with be better once I get it completed.




Working with brocade brought a whole new list of challenges. The fabric is thin and slippery.  This brocade could not take the heat that is necessary to fuse interfacing to fabric so I had to hand baste it in.  It’s such a delicate fabric that I had to be extremely careful with my iron settings because too much heat and the fabric would shrink and warp.  Not to mention, this fabric frays like crazy after its cut, the more I handled the pattern piece the more it frayed.  Fray check was my friend on this project.  Because it is such a delicate fabric, I had to work carefully and slowly.  It took twice as much time as the cotton and denim wallets. That being said, this wallet will most likely be the only one of its kind (that I make). This fabric will however work on a larger project that doesn’t require so many layers or tight spaces as this one does.  All in all, I think it turned out ok.  I just hope that my niece, who will be the owner of this wallet, will love it with as much heart as I put into it. 



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